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Ann McLaughlin is an artist living and working in Edmonton. She grew up in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and spent much of her childhood exploring the great outdoors where she developed a love for nature. Ann received a Fine Arts Diploma from the University of Manitoba and later discovered the joys of plein aire painting from attending plein aire workshops led by the late Alberta painter, Paul Braid. Ann has spent many summers happily painting the western Canadian landscape.

'Art is something I have always done, and something that brings me such clarity and joy. I am inspired by nature every day. I see things of great beauty often in the most ordinary situations, just the way the light hits something makes it look completely different and beautiful. Observing the beauty of the natural world is to me a great gift that I have been given. Currently I am attempting to become looser, freer in my work. Color also interests me and I am working to learn how to use color in a more knowledgeable way. If my work can show a tiny bit of the beauty that I see I will be happy.'

After a career as a computer programmer, Ann now paints in her home studio.

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